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Woody Armor™ Hunting Boot

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The new Woody Armor™ - Is not intimidated by water, snakes, sharp branches or thorns - the rubber coating protects you and the boots! The Woody Armor™ by Muck Boots features the proven 100% waterproof characteristics of the Wetland™ boot, and the rugged performance of a full rubber coating - to fend off snake bites*, sharp branches and other hazards.

The Woody Armor™ Features: •••CR Neoprene Upper fully coated with rubber. •••protects against punctures and snake bites. •••100% MUCK® BRAND BOOT. •••Breathable Airmesh™ Lining. •••Comfort range of -20° to 70° F. •••New Mossy Oak™ Break-Up Pattern. •••Added toe and achilles protection. •••Moulded, contuoured insole for comfort. •••Half the Weight of competitive boots.

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