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Warren T-7 II Spreader

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  • Warren T-711 is a robust all-purpose lightweight professional spreader. It is a versatile granulate spreader which is easy to carry in the hand or on the shoulder belt. Its main uses are spreading granulated fertilizers and pesticides, as well as sowing seed and salt.

  • The direction of spreading can be continuously varied even as spreading takes place. The precise dosing mechanism is within the user's field of vision. The user can easily check and correct the spreading pattern where necessary. Even broadcasting and simple operation mean it can be used on any surfaces accessible on foot, even those which are not always accessble to vehicles.

  • for spreading fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and anti-frost salt continuously adjustable spreading direction also during spreading lightweight, failure-free operation due to closed gearbox

  • A closed, well-protected machine housing ensures easy problem-free use in the long term. The frame and container are of polyethylene, and all metal parts are stainless steel.


10 kg (empty weight: 3 kg) Spreading width: up to 6 meters across

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