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Vegibee Rechargeable Electric Pollinator

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VegiBee Product Contents and Specifications The VegiBee™ Garden Pollinators are hand held electric plant pollinators that will improve the productivity of your home food garden, by more than 30%. Product Contents 1 VegiBee™ garden pollinator with a vibration reduction handle

2 vibrating wands (11 cm long and 18 cm long)

1 spoon (18 cm) for pollen collection

1 electric recharging base unit with cord and USB connector

1 electric wall adapter that is UL certified

1 operating instructions booklet with warranty information.

Product Specifications

Five vibration speed settings from 29,000- 44,000 vibrations per minute

Rechargeable NiMH battery

Water resistant design

Green LED light indicator

Two minute timer with automatic shut off

Power supply; AC 100-240Volts, 50 Hz

Charging mode; electromagnetic induction

Prior to initial use, charge the unit for 12 hours with an AC adapter and 16 hours with the USB connector and a computer.

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