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Trimec Southern 1 quart

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Knocks out clover - doesn't harm sensitive southern grasses.

Trimec« Southern is designed for high tolerance in sensitive southern turfgrasses. But that doesn't mean it won't control tough weeds anywhere else. In fact, recent research has shown that Trimec Southern is the most effective amine Trimec complex for clover control, equaled only by our Super Trimec ester product.

Trimec Southern is formulated with less 2,4-D to accommodate sensitive warm-season grasses, and higher in MCPP to maintain the quality performance you expect from a Trimec complex. This slight adjustment in formulation is the optimum ratio for knocking out clover. So Trimec Southern isn't just for the south, it's for tough weed control anywhere, especially where clover or chickweed is the primary target.

Trimec Southern is labeled for use on cool-season bluegrass and fescues as well as Bermudagrass, bentgrass zoysiagrass, centipedegrass and St. Augustinegrass1

IMPORTANT NOTE: ***Do not apply this product to Floratam St. Augustinegrass.

Size: Quart

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