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Trimec Plus Herbicide (QUART)
CHTRIMECQTRegular price: $22.99Sale price: $18.88
Trimec« Plus provides outstanding post-emergent control of annual grasses and nutsedge as well as broadleaf weeds in turf, generally with just one application.Trimec Plus is Gordon's exclusive premix containing MSMA. Trimec Plus is a flowable formulation designed for product stability, uniformity in the spray solution and ease of handling. Trimec Plus has been widely tested by university researchers and has been shown to provide excellent selective grass and broadleaf control - beyond what can be obtained with a tank mix. Another plus is convenience - turf specialists favor a pre-mixed combination that can be applied with ease. Trimec Plus is pre-mixed product that controls annual grasses, nutsedge and broadleaf weeds in turf!

*Excellent selection for controlling clovers.

*Selective post-emergence control of nutsedge, crabgrass, goosegrass, dallisgrass and broadleaf weeds.

*Labeled for use in bluegrass, fescues, zoysiagrass, ryegrass and Bermudagrass turf.

*Controls hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds such as clover, oxalis and spurge.

*Tested and recommended by numerous university turf researchers.

*Research has proven Trimec Plus performs better than tank-mixes containing the same ingredients.

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