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Sensaphone 4100

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The Sensaphone 4100 Industrial Monitor protects your property, plant, production process or remote installation when you can’t be there. The 4100 monitors temperature and AC power, and includes 4 dry contact inputs for sensors most appropriate to your application.

The unit can be programmed to dial up to four phone numbers if an alarm condition occurs, alerting you with a message in voice-synthesized English. It comes in a NEMA-1 steel enclosure with lock and key (NEMA-4X optional) and features a built-in microphone for onsite sound monitoring, nonvolatile memory, 22-hour rechargeable battery backup and an integrated keypad for easy, local programming. The unit incorporates a user-programmed security code feature to prevent unauthorized access to programming functions.


Ideal for a variety of applications - The Sensaphone is useful wherever there is a need for monitoring of temperature, humidity, ventilation, or any other controlled process. The unit is protected in a NEMA Class 1 enclosure for industrial use. NEMA 4 is also available.

Plant equipment and processes- Equipment rooms- Substations- Water/wastewater treatment- Satellite stations- Satellite stations- Telecommunications- ...and many others!


High/low temperature sensor-- Monitors temperatures from -20°F to 150°F-- Microphone with 1-199 sec. variable “listen-in” time-- 1-199 second AC Power failure detector-- Accumulator tabulates total power-out time-- Battery condition monitor-- Clock

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