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Scotts Osmocote Pro

Full compliment of major, minor and secondary elements provides your plants with all the important nutrients.

Excellent performance in cool weather.

Formulas designed for flowering crops, perennials and woody ornamentals.

Versatile: can be topdressed or incorporated.

For full season feeding of foliage and nursery stock.

Long term feeding: 8-9 month or 12-14 month @70 degrees F average media temp.

Formulated to stay in the pot when topdressed.


Engineered to provide performance of the former Scotts Prokote Select and Plus.

Osmocote 20-4-8 (50 lb)
Osmocote 19-5-9 (50 lb)
Osmocote 20-4-8 (50 lb)

Osmocote 19-5-9 (50 lb)

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