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Pylon Miticide 1 pint

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Pylon is the newest unique miticide on the market today. With translaminar systemic abilities, Pylon offers contact control as well as long residual control (21-27 days of control.) Pylon gives excellent control of most mite species (including: two-spotted spider mite, apple rust mite, broad mite, carmine spider mite, citrus budmite, citrus rust mite, cyclamen mite, pear rust mite, and the Pacific spider mite.)

Pylon has a unique mode of action; it works on at the mitochonrial membrane where it disrupts the high-energy proton gradient that drives oxidative phosphorylation. Pylon “uncouples” the mitochondrial protons (H+) and the mite can no longer generate ATP. Without ATP the cells cease functioning and the mite dies.

**Size: Pint. **Crops labeled: Greenhouse Ornamentals. **Insects controlled: Mites

Size: Pint

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