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Osmocote Classic 13-13-13 (8-9 Months)

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Osmocote 13-13-13 (50 lb.)
Osmocote Classic 13-13-13 (8-9 Months)
  • 1st Generation Controlled Release Fertilizer.
  • Coated N-P-K; homogeneous.
  • For optimal results use with Micromax® Micronutrients.
  • Designed for incorporation in general nursery and greenhouse production.
  • Use in combination with Micromax Micronutrients for optimal results.
  • Osmocote® Classic products provide proven, reliable performance.

-For use in nursery, foliage and greenhouse production, container gardens, interiorscapes and landscapes.

-Time tested and proven, homogeneous Osmocote N-P-K delivers nutrition consistently within specified longevities.

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