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Nelson Fixed Arc Pop-Up Sprinklers

These sprinklers will be used in your flower beds and the confined lawn areas where the rotors are not feasible. There is a wide selection of spray patterns, trajectories, and radiuses available to fit your needs. Call us at 1-800-748-6487 to answer any questions. Tip: You never want to mix fixed arc spray heads with lawn rotors on the same zone. Since the rotors oscillate, they need to run longer.

2 1/2" Pop-Up
4" Pop-Up Sprinkler
Regular price: $1.89
Sale price: $1.35
$2.49, 100 for $169.00
Regular price: $4.25
Sale price: $3.00
Nelson 12" Pop-Up Sprinkler
Fixed Arc Spray-Heads
$8.90, 50 for $322.50

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