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Judo Miticide 250ml

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Judo is a miticide/insecticide in a new chemical class (tetronic acids) with a new mode of action that is highly effective against a wide range of mites and whiteflies. Judo affects all development stages of mites and whiteflies (including eggs and transformation stages). Judo is translaminar and moves readily through the leaf tissue. Judo provides extended residual control of mites (30+ days) and whiteflies (21+ days).

Judo is a suspension concentrate (SC) containing 4 pounds of Spiromesifen per gallon.

EPA Reg. No. 432-1280-59807

REI: 12 hours

Chemical Family: Spiromesifen

Active Ingredient: Tetronic acid

Rate: 2 - 4 fluid ounces per 100 gallons

Application: Foliar spray

Labeled Use: Ornamentals grown in the greenhouse or nursery.

Insects Controlled: Mites and Whiteflies.

Packaging: 8 fluid ounces

Notes: For best results, apply before a damaging population of whiteflies or mites is established.

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