Propagation Mats and Controllers
Propagation Trays
Protect DF Fungicide 6 lb
Pylon Miticide 1 pint
Pylon 4" Plant Label /1000 per box
Pylon 4", 5", and 6" Plant Labels
Pylon 5" label 1000/box
Pylon 6" Plant Label /1000 per box
Quartz Infrared Wall Heater by Heat Storm
Quick Kill Mosquito Larvacide 2 lbs
Rain Gauges
Rain Sensor
Ranger Pro 2.5 gallon
Re-Usable Anchor Pins (300 Count)
Recycled Rubber Mulch Edging Strip (Dark Brown)--OUT OF STOCK--
Recycled Rubber Mulch Edging Strip (Redwood)
Red Dragon Torch Kit
Replacement Belt for Garden Seeder
Replacement Respirator Filters (OUT OF STOCK)
Return Policy on Muck Boots
Rigid plastic large straight marker
Rooting Hormone
Round Top Pins (1000 Count)
Roundup Pro 50.2% Concentrate 2.5 gallon
Roundup ProMax 1.67 gallon
Roundup Quick Pro Dry 5- 1.5oz packs
Roundup Quik Pro Dry Instant Kill 6.8 lb
Rout Herbicide 50 lb
Safety Fence Diamond Mesh Orange 4ft x 50ft (OUT OF STOCK)

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