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HN55 Chemilizer

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MICHEMILIZERHN55Regular price: $325.00Sale price: $298.00
The HN55 injector is designed as a two-part system comprised of a water motor and chemical pump. The non-electric water motor functions on demand with water flow. Inside the water motor is a fixed diaphragm assembly that travels up and down with alternate filling of the upper and lower chambers of the motor.

Inserted into the bottom of the water motor is a positive displacement chemical pump. The chemical pump draws directly from a stock solution container and injects into the water line. No chemicals go inside the water motor.

Consistent Accuracy: Chemilizer injectors maintain accuracy longer because of superior product designs that use a durable rubber diaphragm instead of a plastic piston.

Built to Last: Higher product reliability and longer lifetime is a result of field proven product designs and an over-all dedication to quality.

Best Warranty: We are so confident of Chemilizer injectors that we provide the best comprehensive warranty in the industry.

Easy Setup: Site requirements are simplified since all Chemilizer injectors are non-electric. Optional install kits make setup quick and easy.

Easy Maintenance: Chemilizer two-part system allows easy removal and maintenance of the chemical pump. Factory authorized repair centers are conveniently located to provide fast and reliable service.

Chemilizer injectors can also be installed in series to provide injection on two different solutions, or installed side by side to double the water flow.

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