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Gro Mor Wand Seeder

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Easy to operate Anyone can learn to operate it in minutes and then sow a 405 seedling/plug tray of coated Petunia in 5 minutes or less. The wand is made of lightweight PVC and is easy to handle. The unit comes ready to use, minimal assembling required. Pickup and release with one finger The vacuum pump and vibro motor, when turned on, gives the operator complete control of the wand. The pickup and release of the seed is done with operator's thumb or index finger. The wand can be operated with the right or left hand. The vacuum pump is UL listed and CSA(uc) recognized. The wand and attaching hose is made of PVC and vinyl, making the operator safe from potential electric shock. An efficient use of resources No wasted space or wasted fuel with partially filled seedling/plug trays. The GRO*MOR WAND SEEDER« is capable of doing whole or partial plug trays. You can do several types of sowing in one plug tray with ease. Adapts to different seed size To change seed size you simply change the tip sizes on the wand head. The Tips are color-coated for easy recognition and come in 5 sizes: "A","B","C", "D", or "E". The "B" tip is a general-purpose tip. Adapts to various seedling trays and cell packs Wands are interchangeable and available for 10 types of plug trays and 17 types of cell packs, including special orders made with your spacing requirements (English or Metric). A Seed Bin is included; it comes in two sections that come apart for easy removal of any remaining seed. Other larger bin sizes are available. The GRO*MOR WAND SEEDER« Tips are made of a polyethylene material to give good service. These tips are easily replaced when needed. If a blockage occurs in a tip, remove that tip form the wand and place it over one the openings of the exhaust muffler of the vacuum pump while it is running or use a low pressure air source. This will clear the blockage. Return the tip to the wand and continue seeding.

Warranty The GRO*MOR WAND SEEDER« parts are warranted for one year from date of purchase. The vacuum pump is also warranted for one year from date of purchase. The Warranty excludes the wearable tips and extenders on the wand and any other use of the vacuum pump other than for use with the GRO*MOR WAND SEEDER«.

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