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Gro Mor Granular Dispenser

Heavy duty 115 volt vacuum pump. Any wand with up to 3 pick-up tubes, and including 3 sets of weight tubes 1 gram, 1.5 gram, 2 gram. Other size tubes are available, please specify. (220 volt pump for foreign applications available)

All packages: include a 12 lb. self feeding reservoir and tray for your granular formulation, 7 feet of hose that attaches to any of the above vacuum sources, and the in-line needle control valve and filter that can be disassembled and cleaned.

(4 tube pick up wands are extra, but may be purchased with the package with an up charge). How it works: Simply place the wand over a reservoir containing the Marathon, dip the pick-up tube into the formulation and put your thumb over the control hole. This takes up the granules. Next, place the pick-up tubes just above the base of the plant stem (about 2" inches). Dispensing the granules is very simple; just take your thumb off the control hole and you're done!

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