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Foxfarm Beastie Bloomz Fertilizer 1lb

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Heavyweight Blossom Builder

( 0 - 50 - 30 )

Beastie Bloomz® is a pH balanced blend of extra strength nutrients specially formulated to produce heavy weight fruit, and maximize blossom development during the critical last weeks of flowering. Beastie Bloomz is designed to create unbelievable internal bud density, which means that plants create fat, tightly packed blossoms, and plenty of them. For use in soilless mixes, organic soils, hydroponics, and aeroponic systems.

Garden tip: Start with Open Sesame® in the fifth or sixth week of a plant’s life. Once buds emerge, feed your plants with Beastie Bloomz® every other watering according to package directions. For high-yield results, start indoor plants in our Light Warrior® Agro-Ponic® Grow Medium, and use our premium Ocean Forest® Potting Soil for container plants.

In the eighth to ninth week of the plants life cycle, switch to Cha Ching® for an incredible harvest.

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