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Fixed Arc Spray Heads
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All Hit nozzles:

Are designed for complete compatibility with all leading brands. Have Matched Precipitation Rates available in Male or Female thread. Utilize a stainless steel radius and gallonage adjustment screw. Provide precise fixed spray patterns that produce large droplets minimizing the effects of excessive pressure and wind. Come with heavy-duty screens unless otherwise indicated.

Male threaded nozzles are color coded. Female threaded nozzles are black. Proline Pressure Compensating devices available for use with male threaded nozzle.

Hit Shrub Adapters:

Are for use with either male or female threaded nozzles. Adapts either style nozzle to ˝" NPT threaded risers and utilizes standard nozzle screens. Compatible with all industry standard leading nozzle brands. Model 500-100 is for use with any standard Female threaded nozzle. Model 500-101 is for use with any standard Male threaded nozzle.


7170 7' Radius 5-degree trajectory

7270 10' Radius 10-degree trajectory

7370 12' Radius 28-degree trajectory

7070 15' Radius 28-degree trajectory

7470 17' Radius 28-degree trajectory


8' Fixed Pattern 8' Radius 5-degree trajectory (Flat)

10' Fixed Pattern 10' Radius 15-degree trajectory (Low Angle)

12' Fixed Pattern 12' Radius 30-degree trajectory (Low Gallonage)

15' Fixed Pattern 15' Radius 30-degree trajectory (Standar)

Special Patterns Square, End Strip, Center Strip, Side Strip

Proline Pressure Flood & Stream Spray Bubblers

Flood and Stream Spray Pressure Compensating Bubblers feature ˝" Female NPT inlets. Recommended operating pressure range, 20-70 psi.

Proline Adjustable Flood Bubbler features ˝" Female NPT inlets. Recommended operating pressure range, 20-70 psi.

Hit Products sprinkler accessories have a two year, over-the-counter "No Hassle" Warranty

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Shrub Adapter

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