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Dramm Microfit Herbi Standard

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•6V DC (4-D cell/R20 batteries) •Over 30 hours spraying •4-20 inch band •200-300µ (microns) droplet size •Lightweight, portable machine •Spray shield available •Powerpack is interchangeable with Microfit lances.

Unique Herbi Microfit system saves time, money and labor. Controlled droplet, ultra low volume sprayer delivers approximately 250 micron-size droplets in a 4ft. swath.One 5 pint tank treats 3/4 acre.

The Microfit Herbaflex, part of the modular Microfit system, is a shrouded, spinning disc sprayer for the Controlled Droplet Application (CDA) of herbicides and other chemicals. The shielded Herbaflex atomizer allows greater control of all applied chemicals. The shroud has an adjustable band width of 4-20 inches, and with an optional attachment the band width increases to 6-30 inches.

This shroud recaptures any unsprayed solution and allows it to be re-used while preventing dripping any over spray. With the attachment of the Herbi Spray Shield, drift due to wind and mis-spraying, is eliminated.

The Herbi is used worldwide for band spraying narrow strips of weeds. Uses include general clean-up around buildings, border pathway and strip spraying, and in between crop rows. Interchangeable Herbi-Twin and Herbi attachments available.

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