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Decathlon Dry Flowable 8 oz

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Decathlon 20 WP is effective for broad spectrum control of crawling and flying insect pests on ornamental and nursery stock. Decathlon 20 WP Greenhouse and Nursery Insecticide will not stain or cause damage to any painted or varnished household surface, plastic, fabric or other surface where water applied alone causes no damage.

Crops Controlled: Ornamentals, and nursery stock. Insects Controlled: Aphids, armyworms, bagworms, beetles, caterpillar, cutworm, fungus gnats, gypsy moths, lace bugs, leaf hopper, leaf roller, mealy bugs, mites, scales, thrips, webworm and whiteflies.

*** Important Note: Addition of a spreader-sticker at recommended rates may enhance control of insects on certain species of ornamentals having hard-to-wet surfaces.

8 Ounce container

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