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Cutrine Plus Pond Algaecide 12 lb

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Registered for use in: Potable Water Reservoirs, Farm, Fish and Industrial Ponds, Lakes Fish Hatcheries and Raceways, Irrigation Conveyance Systems, Ditches, Canals, Laterals Golf Course Water Hazards

Cutrine«-Plus is manufactured by Applied Biochemists. WHAT IS CUTRINE«-PLUS? CUTRINE«-PLUS is an algaecide which controls existing algae and inhibits rapid re-infestation. CUTRINE«-PLUS also acts as a herbicide in controlling the rooted underwater weed Hydrilla verticillata.



Is a liquid formulation which contains 9.0% active ingredient.

Contains 0.909 pounds of copper per gallon.

Has a specific gravity of 1.21 (10.1 lbs. per gallon).

Controls algae at 0.2 to 0.4 ppm copper and hydrilla at 0.4 to 1.0 ppm copper.

Controls all three forms of algae: planktonic, filamentous and chara


CUTRINE«-PLUS is U.S.E.P.A. registered for use in drinking water reservoirs, farm fish and industrial ponds, golf course water hazards, lakes, fish hatcheries and raceways, irrigation water conveyance systems such as canals, laterals and ditches.

CUTRINE«-PLUS is far less corrosive to equipment and other metal surfaces than other chelated copper compounds.

CUTRINE«-PLUS treated water can be used for swimming, domestic uses and livestock watering immediately after chemical application.

Water from treated lakes, ponds, irrigation systems and golf course water hazards may be used to irrigate turf, fairways, putting greens and ornamental plants.

Fish can be caught and consumed immediately after CUTRINE«-PLUS application.

CUTRINE«-PLUS will not plate-out or precipitate under normal storage conditions nor does the copper in CUTRINE«-PLUS precipitate out and become ineffective in alkaline or hard water.

CUTRINE«-PLUS has been used successfully in trout ponds which contained cold, hard water.

CUTRINE«-PLUS is available in two formulations (liquid and granular) for controlling floating, suspended and bottom-growing types of algae.

CUTRINE«-PLUS effectively controls the noxious submersed weed, Hydrilla verticillata, without requiring post-treatment water use restrictions associated with other herbicides.

CUTRINE«-PLUS is compatible in tank mixes with the aquatic herbicides Weedtrine«-D, Reward and Aquathol K.

CUTRINE«-PLUS can be applied to flowing water using a continuous delivery drip system. It has been used effectively in trout raceways and irrigation canals.


CUTRINE«-PLUS- is applied at a rate of 0.6 gallon per acre-foot (43,560 cubic feet) of water to be treated for planktonic and filamentous algae, 1.2 gallons per acre-foot for Chara and Nitella and 1.2 to 3.0 gallons per acre-foot for Hydrilla.


CUTRINE«-PLUS should be diluted with at least 9 parts of water to facilitate even distribution during application. Surface spray is most practical for treatment of planktonic and filamentous algae. Bottom-growing algae should be treated by underwater injection or by application of CUTRINE«-PLUS GRANULAR. Hydrilla can be treated by surface spray or underwater injection.


CUTRINE«-PLUS is available in 1 gallon (packed 4 to a case), 2 1/2 gallon (packed 2 to a case), 5 gallon, 30 gallon, 55 gallon and 275 gallon containers.


CUTRINE«-PLUS need sunlight to optimize effectiveness.

CUTRINE«-PLUS is not completely effective against Pithophora and diatoms.

CUTRINE«-PLUS can be toxic to trout, at the recommended application rates, if the water has less than 50 ppm of carbonate hardness (soft water). Do not use in waters containing Koi and hybrid goldfish. Not intended for use in small volume, garden pond systems.


CUTRINE«-PLUS has proven to be the favorite algaecide for fish growers because they can calculate and apply the exact amount of copper they desire. It can reduce or eliminate taste and odor problems caused by geosmin and MIB producing blue-green algae. It can be used to reduce the incidence of secondary bacterial or fungal infections by reducing the phytoplanktonic irritants which can expose the gill surfaces of the fish.

Size: 12 Pounds

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