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Clearys 3336WP 4- 8oz bags

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Features: Clearys 3336 is a systemic fungicide for the prevention and control of turf diseases and the diseases of annual and perennial flowers, bedding plants, foliage plants, ground covers, plus deciduous trees and shrubs. Foliar spray, dip and drench applications can be made.
For use on: Lawns and Turfgrasses, Bedding Plants, Annual and Perennial Flowers, Trees and Shrubs.
Targeted Pest: Diseases such as Anthrancose, brown patch, copper spot, dollar spot, gray leaf spot, leaf spot, red thread, snow mold, rust, smut, Fusarium, Summer patch, bermudagrass decline, take-all patch, etc.
Active Ingredient: Thiophanate-Methyl - 41.25%
MSD: Specimen Label

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