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Circulation Fans

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  • Fan guard spacing is more open, providing double the air circulation.
  • The fan motor is maintenance-free and highly energy efficient.
  • Noise levels are low....well below OSHA requirements.
  • Fans can be ceiling mounted, ceiling suspended or wall mounted,
    thereby remaining out of the way of material-handling equipment
    and eliminating safety hazards.
  • Improves comfort by enhancing the normal cooling process.
  • Increases production and safety levels.
  • Improves building air quality.
  • Reduces equipment and building condensation problems.
  • Provides an energy design for low cost operation.

12" Versa-Kool Air Circulation Fan
20" Versa-Kool Air Circulation Fan
8" Versa-Kool Air Circulation Fan
Manual Variable Speed Control, 115 volt
36" Versa-Kool circulation fan with solid sided white housing
24" Versa-Kool Air Circulation Fan

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