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Chapins Bucket Kit

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Chapin's Bucket Kit is a simple gravity fed, drip irrigation system. The kit consists of 100 feet of drip tape connected to a bucket suspended 3 feet above the vegetable bed. Water, which is poured into the bucket twice daily, passes through a filter, fills up the drip tape, and is evenly distributed to 100 watering points. These Bucket Kits save water and labor, and are easy to use. The kit includes:

100 feet drip tape 15 feet no-holes flat tubing 2 pcs by 5 feet .350 by .250 supply tubing 10 feet No. 4 tubing 1 filter screen 1 washer 2 barb fittings 1 male adapter 1 female adapter 1 piercing tool (sharpened nail) Complete instructions (Please note that the kit does not include plastic bucket or support for bucket.)

This kit can be used for either 2 rows 50 feet long, or 4 rows 25 feet long or 6 rows 16-1/2 feet long.

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