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This quart of concentrate is to be mixed with 1 gallon of water and can then be used in the deer feeder, on the ground, or on stumps, trees, etc.

C’Mere Deer is a liquid botanical and synthesized chemical extract created as an attractant for most herbivores and omnivores in nature. The source of the attractant is the concentration of minerals and botanical extracts which have been formulated in this product. Unlike urine and other similar products, it is not necessary for the buck or boar to be in a rut cycle to be attracted. An animal is always foraging, even during peak periods of rut.

Deer and other foraging species of animals are creatures of habit. Developing those habits, and keeping them coming back to the same areas you have scouted time and time again is what C’Mere Deer is all about.

Not a Sex Attractant, C’Mere Deer works in all seasons by stimulating the game animals’ natural instinct to forage and seek food sources both on and below the soil surface. Made from a unique blend of plant and root extracts combined with mineral stabilizers, C’Mere Deer allows the hunter or photographer to take aim while the game animal paws, digs, and “roots,” looking for the source of the attractant.

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