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B-Nine Plant Growth Regulator 1lb

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B-Nine WSG reduces plant stature by reducing internode length. In most cases, internode shortening is the result of smaller, more compact cells. In addition to compactness, the foliage is also colored deeper green. Compactness is associated with greater stem strength resulting in less breakage during shipping and handling. B-Nine WSG also reduces apical dominance - the tendency of shoots to grow without branching. Shoots treated with B-Nine WSG form terminal buds early and then branch out profusely, giving treated plants a compact habit of growth and increasing flower bud formation. Plants treated with B-Nine WSG have a more branched root system, providing firmer anchorage and better nutrient and moisture extracting capability. Treated plants are less likely to wilt and also recover more quickly from the stress of transplanting. It works on a wide variety of ornamentals, including chrysanthemums, gardenias, azaleas, hydrangeas and poinsettias, along with petunias, marigolds and other flowering and foliage plant species. And while the specific effects of B-Nine WSG may vary according to application rates, timing and ornamental species, you can rely on its growth-relating action to result in plants that look and sell their best all year round.

Size: 1 lb

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