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Avid Miticide 1 quart.

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use AvidŽ, the number one insecticide for mites and leafminers, has expanded its labeling to include suppression of aphids, thrips, and whiteflies. As the most widely used miticide/insecticide for ornamentals, growers continue to rely on Avid for unsurpassed protection against mites and leafminers. And with its reputation for quality control, Avid is also the miticide/insecticide of choice for nursery and landscape professionals. Its unique chemistry and mode of action make it an ideal product for rotation in resistance management programs.
features Product Features and Benefits: #1 miticide/insecticide for ornamentals, flowering plants and trees Expanded range of control to include aphids, thrips and whiteflies Rainfast within hours of application, offering outdoor application flexibility Leaves no unsightly residues on plants and is odorless Tank mix flexibility Formulated for easy application with standard equipment Markets: Golf Course Management, Field & Container Grown Nurseries, Landscape Management, Greenhouses, Tree Care & Shrub Care, Sod Production, Sports Turf & Facility Turf.
sizes 8oz, 32oz
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