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Amdro Fire Ant Bait 25 lb

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AMDRO fire ant bait is an effective way to eliminate fire ants because it's the bait that kills the queen and eliminates both visible and hidden mounds.

AMDRO is a long-term solution to eliminating fire ants. Unlike other insecticides that have only enough power to kill a few ants on contact, AMDRO kills steadily and surely until the entire fire ant mound is destroyed.

You Feed the Worker Antsó the Workers Feed the Queen Apply AMDRO fire ant bait and it starts to work immediately. The worker ants take the bait and carry it into the mound for the queen to eat. That's instinctual ant behavior.

Naturally, the queen eats the bait and dies. Which means she can't lay any more eggs. And the mound does not survive. End of problem!

No Odor. No Dust. No Mixing. No Watering. With AMDRO, there's no mixing, mess or smell. You don't even have to water it in. Just apply it and forget it. And now applying AMDRO is easier than ever with the new "shaker" top. Our recommended application for maximum fire ant control is a broadcast application of the entire yard in the spring and fall. For individual mound treatments reapply as needed whenever mounds appear.

Treat the Whole Yard or Just One Mound Treat your whole yard by broadcasting AMDRO fire ant bait with a hand-held spinning disk spreader at 1 to 2 pounds per acre.You can treat a single mound with just 2 to 5 tablespoons of AMDRO.

Size: 25lb Bag

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