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Amdro Pro Fire Ant Bait 2 lb

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Amdro Yard Treatment Bait Shaker Bag is designed to quickly destroy fire ant mounds and provide fire and control all season long with three different methods of protection. First, the worker ants will carry the bait back to the mound, where it will kill the queen and the other ants. It also sterilizes any new queens that invade the mound, and it will help prevent formation of new mounds. It can be applied directly from the easy to use shaker bag or with a spreader. Ideal for broadcast treatments and treating individual mounds. Destroys mounds within 2 weeks of application. - See more at: http://www.domyownpestcontrol.com/amdro-yard-treatment-bait-shaker-bag-p-13494.html#sthash.QyagGZ1b.dpuf Size: 2 lb

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