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Osmocote Outdoor & Indoor 3-lb Flower and Vegetable Food Granules

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3 lb 19-6-12 Indoor/Outdoor Osmocote Fertilizer
  • A single application of Osmocote's extended time release formula feeds continuously for up to four months. Gardeners have discovered the magic of Osmocote. It feeds every second, every hour, every day, all season long. Unique nutrient delivery system eliminates over or underfeeding. Convenient, one application lasts all season. A great value, saves time, saves work. America's fastest selling time release fertilizer. Easy to use on Gardenias, Roses, Daisies, Bulbs, Palms, Ivies, Philodendrons, Fichus, Begonias, Ferns, Violets and many other perennials.

  • The most popular Osmocote« formula - can be used both indoors and out.
  • Ideal plant food for propagating, planting, transferring and repotting.

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