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Nelson 12" pop-up

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Nelson 12" Pop-Up Sprinkler
IRPOPUP12$8.90, 50 for $322.50
You must always consider the growth habits of the plants you are irrigating. When the final maintenace height of the plants are determined, these 12" pop ups may be what you need to get the needed clearance. No sprinkler can perform as it is designed if plant foilage is blocking it. These sprinklers can be mounted on rigid risers concealed in the plants when extra clearance is needed. When ordering in quanities of 50 or more, call 1-800-748-6487 for contractor discounts and free shipping.

12" pop-up sprinkler

1/2" barbed elbow  quanity 50
1/2" barbed elbow quanity 50

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